Life Story work “My Life and Me”

We have used this helpful template produced by CoramBaaf to do life story work with our foster children:

It’s a very positive book with helpful divisions and includes practice guidelines.

Cost is £15.50 and can be ordered from the website.


Growing up in families that foster or adopt

Home for Good Leicester has produced this short film of MJ and Milly talking about their experiences of growing up in families that choose to foster or adopt.


Essential oils from Young Living

Recently I’ve got into the use of essential oils for general health and well-being. The oils I particularly like are from Young Living: they are guaranteed to be pure oils, with nothing added to them: further info can be found here:

They are also great for our kids. We use lavendar at night time to help our eldest who some times struggles to sleep and can have nightmares. We diffuse it for about an hour in the bedroom and it’s really helped. We also have our special “ADHD blend” of lavendar, cedarwood and vetiver to aid with concentration, particularly during homework time. “Stress Away”, a pre mixed blend of copaiba, lime, cedarwood, vanilla, ocotea and lavendar is good for relaxation and “purification” is fab for getting rid of cooking smells and for putting in smelly trainers! There are so many more examples and great uses for these oils.

The local contact is a lovely lady called Beth: why not check out her website:


Understanding and Supporting Neurodiversity

Useful information, training materials and support strategies for parents and carers of children with neurodiverse conditions such as ASD, ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia can be found at the British Dyslexia Association:


Free story-telling workshops for families

Home for Good: Leicester has worked with storyteller Johnny Steinegger to create a series of webinars and workshops for families, with a particular focus on adoptive and foster families.

These are all available for free on YouTube and can be accessed at any point, together with the accompanying activity packs.

Webinar for parents / carers on storytelling:

4 workshops for children, each with a theme (imagination, friendship, feelings and communication). (imagination) (friendship) (feelings) (communication)