Can hospitality change the world?

To offer genuine hospitality, we need to provide “hospital care” to others. If we then can see our homes as hospitals, what difference would that make to the care system and to the lives of vulnerable children?

When we decided to offer our two boys a permanent place in our family, our social worker asked us to consider whether we were the A&E department or the long-term recovery unit. Our answer is that our home is both these things. Our boys needed desperate, urgent care when they arrived, so we did our best to meet their immediate needs. Over the years they moved to a more long term care plan, in the form of stability, opportunities, limitless love, time and compassion, friends, therapeutic care and a place to thrive.

Krish Kandiah, foster carer, adoptive parent and founder of Home for Good, explores the theme of hospitality in this recent TEDxOxford talk.